PFW Impact Crusher

PFW series of the European version of counter materials crusher manufacturing process adopts the advanced world level and high-end, suitable for crushing various kinds of soft, hard ore crushing, crushing, fine crushing operation, large production capacity, high reliability, convenient repair, high reputation in customers. The European version of PFW series impact crusher use of impact energy to crush materials, materials subjected to high speed impact plate hammer, crushing after being thrown to the installation in the counterattack plate above the rotor broken again, then rebounded from the impact liner back to the role of regional re crushing plate hammer.

The European version of PFW series impact crusher product description

Basic Info

PFW series impact crusher Capacity
[Feed size]: 250-500mm
[Capacity]: 50-220T / h
[Applications]: metallurgy, mining, cement, chemicals, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, sand processing and other fields.

The European version of PFW series impact crusher has three cavity and two cavity two categories of equipment. It uses bearing integral cast steel structure, adopts a plate hammer fixing device is unique, the adjustment device is improved, and with open top device with, make the equipment performance is greatly improved, the shutdown maintenance time is short, and can quickly complete the replacement of wearing parts such as a hammer, plays a crucial role in crushing work.

The European version of PFW series impact crusher advantages of selling

1. simple structure.
2. low prices.
3. crushing grain shape.
4. monomer separation for minerals, especially embedded minerals, such as tungsten ore etc.
5. adaptability. This crusher can crush hard following ore brittle, fibrous and, especially suitable for limestone crushing of brittle ore.
6. the device has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy manufacture, convenient maintenance.

PFW series impact crusher Technical Data

Model Rotor Φ×L (mm) Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PFW1214II Ф1150×1400 1100×1430 500 130-200 4-132 Y315M-4/132 2400×2310×2550
PFW1315II Ф1300×1500 1200×1530 600 180-320 4-160 Y315L1-4/160 2700×2570×2800
PFW1318II Ф1300×1800 1200×1830 700 240-400 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 2700×2870×2800
PFW1415II Ф1400×1500 1450×1530 800 240-450 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 3000×2700×3070